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Custom Laser Engraved MacKenzie Vault Classic Cultured Marble Urn with Photo

Custom Laser Engraved MacKenzie Vault Classic Cultured Marble Urn with Photo

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Introducing our exquisite customizable cultured marble urn from MacKenzie Vault – a timeless tribute to honor and commemorate your loved one. Crafted with the utmost care, this urn combines the elegance of cultured marble with the ability to be personalized according to your preferences.


One of the key features of our cultured marble urn is the option for full-color photo sublimation, allowing you to showcase a cherished image or capture a beautiful moment forever. The sublimation process ensures vivid and long-lasting colors, creating a stunning tribute that will stand the test of time.


In addition to the photo, we also offer laser engraving giving you the opportunity to include a heartfelt message, name, and dates. With multiple font styles to choose from, you can select the one that perfectly reflects the personality and style of your loved one.


To further personalize your cultured marble urn, we offer various color choices for the engraving. You can opt for classic gold or silver, lending an elegant touch to the design. Alternatively, white or black engraving adds a modern and refined look, creating a stunning contrast against all marble surfaces.


Our customizable cultured marble urn is not only a beautiful memorial but also a testament to the unique life and lasting impact of your loved one. The combination of full-color photo sublimation, laser engraving, and choice of engraving colors ensures that every detail is tailored to your desires, creating a truly one-of-a-kind tribute.

The MacKenzie Vault "Classic" contains a 220 cubic inch cavity. A cavity this size will hold remains comparable to a 240 pound adult - give or take. The fluctuation is due to the varying processes and equipment used during the cremation process and is generally beyond our control but rest assured, our estimations are rather accurate.


Meticulously handcrafted and designed to preserve the memories of your loved one, our customizable cultured marble urn from MacKenzie Vault is the perfect choice to honor their life and provide solace in times of remembrance.

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